10 Times Egyptian National Team Players Starred In Adverts

Every time our national team plays for the Africa Cup of Nations or the world cup, brands start to launch campaigns collaborating with the team’s football players as a kind of support. This is not the only occasion brands collaborate with iconic football players; in fact, over the years famous players like Essam El Hadadry, Mohamed Abo Treka, and Zeidan have collaborated with famous brands to release adverts.

So, as we are waiting for tomorrow’s big game, let’s go back in time and remember some of the most famous adverts that featured our most loved football players.


Smile’s Advert Featuring Essam El-Hadary, Wael Gomaa, and Khaled El-Ghandour

Almost 20 years ago, a wafer brand called Smile released an advert featuring Essam El Hadary, Wael Gomaa, and Khaled El-Ghandour.

The advert shows Essam El-Hadary as a seller and the other players prank him to steal his stock of wafer.



Coca-Cola x The National Team

Back in 2008, Coca-Cola launched a campaign to support our national team in Ghana.

This campaign was launched to support the national team in the Africa Cup of Nations and it collaborated with Zeidan, Ahmed Hassan, Hossam Ghali, Emad Moteab, and more.

Coca-Cola is actually one of the brands that always launched campaigns to celebrate the national team.


Pepsi Supporting The National Team In Ghana

When there’s Coca-Cola, there’s Pepsi.

In 2008, Pepsi also launched a campaign to support our national team in the Africa Cup of Nations. The campaign included 2 adverts, one featuring the icon Abo Treka, and the other featuring the genius Hassan Shehata.

Both adverts praised both of the icons for their skills and amazing talent.




Coca-Cola X Abo Treka

In 2015, Coca-Cola collaborated with the Magico Abo Treka.

The campaign was launched to promote the Coca-Cola International Cup under the age of 15.


We Telecom Supports Our Team In The World Cup

In 2018 our team was qualified for the World Cup in Russia and We showed its support.

We Telecom launched a campaign to support our team and collaborated with El-Nenny, Ramadan Sobhy, and Trézéguet, and there was another surprise, the telecom brand collaborated with the old national team who was qualified for the World Cup back in 1990.


Vodafone X National Team In Russia

Vodafone launched one of the funniest campaigns to support our national team in the World Cup.

The campaign included 3 adverts featuring the football players, Ahmed Fathy, Ahmed Hegazy, and Saad Samir along with famous actors and actresses like the late Dalal Abdelaziz, Lotfy Labib, Yasmin Sabry, Enaam Salousa, and many more.

Here are the 3 copies.


Orange Sponsoring The Africa Cup of Nations

In 2019, Orange collaborated with the football player Tarek Hamed and Trézéguet and released an advert to support our team.


Pepsi Creates A Rap Song That speaks For The National Team

In a creative campaign launched by Pepsico, Pepsi and Chipsy created 2 jingle-based adverts that speak for the players and the Egyptian people.

The brand also collaborated with the famous rappers Abyusif and Marwan Pablo.


Orange: Bring Us The 8th

Orange started 2022 with a campaign to support our national team in the Africa Cup of Nations.

The campaign included 3 adverts that featured Mahmoud Hamdy El-Wensh, Ahmed Hegazy, and Ahmed Abo El-Fotouh.




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Pepsi X Mo Salah

Pepsi collaborated with the Egyptian King and released one of the best adverts.[0]=AZUrtTbwIJDnwzS-djOpYzHK5rumEy_LlFm4ngrpQxaCVe_FVszbI-wSv85Z6wBNHqCpX2UGX_rOK5zlBKACdYFUrlsGK_MyX9-HbC_lKsBwW64q_iF-RVHrJC0KpVXbZ2HVQ6sUstBwW-oRilw9Aj3rlN8XzFAU4JmoAutH6AcxYw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R


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Share with us an advert you remember that featured one of the famous football players.

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