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10 Reasons why you should NOT attend Narrative PR Summit!

The Narrative PR Summit is the first conference of its kind to take place in Egypt; a conference created by Egyptians for Egyptians, with real case studies and an in-depth understanding of the market provided by the industries key experts and opinion leaders.

The first in a series of annual conferences for the Egyptian communications industry, the Summit will serve as a forum for key trendsetters as well as industry practitioners to discuss the ways forward for the country, businesses and the sector.

Unlike past events of its kind, the summit will be Egypt centric focusing on what works in the country rather than trying to export case studies from abroad.

Understanding the intricacies of Egyptian politics, culture and bureaucracy will set the conference apart, as a narrative developed through real life case studies, situations, success stories and experiences allow the industry to move towards sustainable solutions for future growth.

Yes, it takes certain people to actually relate to Narrative. Here you can find 10 reasons why you should NOT attend Narrative PR Summit

1- You don’t think Egypt has gone through vast changes since 2011 and more than ever global and local players are vying for a voice!

2- Meeting strategic speakers with charisma doesn’t appeal to you. You would rather stay in your comfort zone talking to people you know and are probably low key.

3- Creating compelling Narratives is not a priority right now. You would rather stay on facebook and follow the news from there rather than actually and physically participate in creating the news and crafting stories of interest.

4- Topics likes “conflict resolution, Pre empting crisis, role of digital media and Nation branding” are totally irrelevant to you. You are more interested in playing a video game!

5- You think PR is about sending a press release and getting basic coverage. These new PR trends are not relevant.

6- You don’t like change. You want to stay with traditional PR, its safe and easy and very doable by anyone.

7- Challenge does not excite you, you like the same old methods of doing things.

8- You don’t believe in setting a competitive advantage and a unique standpoint. You would rather look just like everybody else.

9- You believe Egypt does not deserve to be represented by the best spokespeople who are able to defend their industries and carry their national message forward.

10- You don’t like global speakers. As a matter of fact you don’t like to network at ALL.

Finally, You don’t like the Four Seasons Nile Plaza!

For registration visit Narrative Summit 2016 website or get your ticket via Eventtus

For more updates about Narrative Summit, check the event’s page here!

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