10 Articles That Sum Up Major Events That Happened In 2021

We have started a new year and finally said goodbye to 2021. We have to admit that a lot happened in 2021 and we have witnessed major news that some of them shocked us and others were impressive.

Since we always love to write about campaigns, adverts, and major exclusive news, we have decided to share with you our top 10 articles of 2021. Don’t be surprised, this news might feel as if they happened ages ago but they actually all happened in 2021.

Let’s have a quick recap on the major events that happened in 2021



1- Clubhouse: The New Audio Chat App That Is Trending Over All Social Network Platforms in 2021

Clubhouse was actually released at the beginning of 2021.

The application made a huge buzz when it was released and at first, it was only available for iPhone users, and months later it was available for Android users as well. Clubhouse depended on invitations only, meaning, you can’t create an account unless you were invited by another user.

As much as the application caused a huge hype, it didn’t last long! In fact, you can see people barely talking about Clubhouse as it lost all the buzz it made in a really short time. We can say that this happened due to the lack of updates and new features added to the applications.


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2- Ramadan 2021’s Ads: First Week Recap

The adverts for Ramadan 2021 were different from 2020’s.

We have to admit that last Ramadan’s adverts were creative and many brands tried to overcome the paralysis they suffered from in 2020 due to the spread of the pandemic. In fact, we were really impressed with Ramadan’s adverts and we witnessed the icon Sherihan’s comeback and many jingles trending the social media platforms.



3- People Revolt Against Facebook And Instagram For Biased Policies Against Palestinians

What happened to Palestinians in El-Sheikh Jarrah turned the whole world upside down!

Many posts that discussed the truth of the Israeli crimes were being deleted from Facebook and Instagram, which made everyone angry and started exposing the applications.


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4- 12 Career Lessons That F.R.I.E.N.D.S Taught Us

Witnessing the Friends reunion was one of the best things that happened in 2021.

“Friends” has taught us a lot and it tackled many problems we face in life and work. This is why we couldn’t miss the chance to honor this beautiful show and reunion.



5- Souq.com Says Goodbye As We Welcome Amazon.eg

In 2021, we officially said farewell to Souq.com as Amazon took over.

The platform made the process easy for sellers and customers to transfer all their data but later, many people posted on social media that Amazon is mixing up products and it’s not the best platform to buy from.


6- Orascom Development Holding And GFF Deserves an Oscar for Crisis Management

Right before El-Gouna Film Festival, the location caught on fire but hours later, everything was under control.

This news went viral on all social media platforms and everyone was worried that the festival would be affected or postponed but it didn’t happen. A few hours later, the fire was put out and the whole place went back to being brand new as if nothing happened.

It was the perfect way to handle a crisis.



7- Six-hour Global Outage: How brands engaged with Facebook, WhatsApp & IG global blackout

The day the whole world took a break!

Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp went down for six hours and people took their frustration to Twitter. We have come across so many memes and Twitter was the hero of the day. Also, many companies and applications took the chance and started a digital campaign to grab their customers’ attention.



8- Understanding the Metaverse: A World With More Opportunities Or A New Way To Control Human Lives?

Back in November, Mark Zuckerberg made a huge announcement that had the world talking.

This announcement included that Facebook, the mother company is no longer goes by that name and it became “Meta” and Zuckerberg will be creating a “Metaverse”, which is a virtual world that everyone can do anything in.



9- Stop Making Excuses for Toxic Workplaces

Right after the tragic news of an employee committing suicide in his own company, we decided to raise awareness regarding toxic workplaces.

Companies should treat their employees fairly and always pay attention to their mental health and well-being.



10- Advertising Code of Ethics: Major Mistakes To Avoid When You Create A Creative Advert

When you create an advert, there is a certain code that you must follow to avoid being attacked.

Citroen is not the only brand that took down its advert right after being attacked; in fact, many brands did the same before. In this article, you will learn about topics to avoid when you’re working on an advert.


We hope you loved these top 10 articles and we can’t wait to see what news we’ll be writing about this year that will make our list by the end of 2022.

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