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Who is #Sara ?

who is Sara

Sarah … Sarah … Sarah… This name has been shared sarcastically in the past few days across all the social media networks like never before, But does anyone know how it all started?.. Who is that mysterious yet funny Sarah? Does she really exist; I bet most social media addicts were asking such questions recently whenever they checked their Facebook or Twitter.

Sarah on FIRE //

The buzz around the mysterious Sarah started a while ago but increase rapidly  right after Mubarak (The former president) retrial that took place on the 13th of April 2013, The retrial ended up with the judge stepping down and referring the case to a lower court… And just like that Sarah’s fading buzz was reborn once more…

Sarah Story //

Who Sarah is … Apparently she is that radio girl that recently called the famous Radio Show ( Ann w el Negoom w Hawak which is  all about love and relationships) presented by Osama Mounir on Negoom FM , Sarah was complaining from her boyfriend who is actually was going crazy cause of her love , Sarah mentioned that the poor lover tried to prove his infinite love in every possible way to the extent that he cut off one of his fingers!!

Of course such romantic yet funny story wouldn’t pass unnoticed among eager sarcastic Egyptians…. And Just like that by one simple joke that started right after Mubarak’s retrial that combined Sarah’s love story with the  judge stepping down in one simple joke picturing the judge stepping down while saying “I couldn’t make it … and I am stepping down for you Sarah… Hope this proves my love!!”…And just like that.. Sarah the ongoing three days old joke was born

Sarah on Twitter //

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Sarah on Facebook //

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And as always we would like share our thoughts with you.. and ask that one question we all are thinking of … Is Sarah’s story really worth all that buzz or again we are using it as an excuse to get distracted from the not so very pleasant present we are living in Egypt in the meantime…bet we will wonder for a long time and ask the same question whether its about Sarah’s love story or whoever tomorrow’s new Sarah might be ….

So, Sarah you might be on fire now but will you last long!! 

Dina Marzban

Dina Marzban

Digital and Social Media Analyst and writer
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